Shots and Smoothies

It’s been one of those ‘pull your hair out’ kinda weeks! Or maybe this was taken after I got done figuring out all of the details of getting stabbed with 10 icky needles immunized this for Uganda. Who knew it would be so complicated to figure out the who/what/when/where/how of getting the proper immunizations! I think I made a few hundred calls to South Carolina Department of Health to try and get my immunization records. To be honest I enjoyed almost every second of the Carolina callin’ because I dealt with the sweatest southern ladies who called me dear and honey with their southern drawl. You sure don’t get that kind of hospitality everyday on the phone! I <3 my southern roots ­čÖé
All that sweetness aside, I had to make 3 appointments for my shots. This should be fun! It will be worth every prick and bruise though, I just know it!At least my morning started of scrumptiously. I had a lovely bowl of oats. Not just ordinary oats though, pumpkin pie oats:
pumpkin pie oatsI am a lover of anything pumpkin. No really, I have canned pumpkin in my pantry 365 days a year! This is my basic oat recipe of oats/vanilla almond milk/banana/cinnamon with a 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree added in. Of course an added dollop of PB&J and some sunflower seeds for good measure!
And always, an over sized cup of french press coffee! I am major fan of Trader Joe’s coffee, and their prices can’t be beat. I’m on and Organic/Fair Trade Sumatra Extra Dark kickv – for how dark it is not bitter at all and has a great caramel flavor! Coffee is something I try to buy organic because of the tons of pesticides conventional beans are grown with. It’s the #1 most pesticide treated agricultural crop. Yikes! Instead of the usual vanilla almond milk i’ve been using Chocolate almond milk in my cup’ o joe – can you say Mocha without the guilt ;)I had to grab a few things @ Mothers Market during lunch so I threw a little salad bar creation together for under $4.00..

food march 23 085food march 23 083
Ever been to Wholefoods? Ever made a $12.00 salad by accident? Well I’m a multiple $12.00 salad offender and I give myself a pat on the back for anything under $7.00.After work I headed to the gym. My muscles felt ready to go after taking the day off yesterday so I pushed through 45 high intensity minutes on the elliptical, followed by 40 mins of strength training (abs and arms today), and polished it off with 20 minutes on the stairmaster. The weather is warming up and so was the temperature inside my gym. I was a sweaty mess when I left! I munched on a mini-pita and knew a smoothie was the way to go for dinner. The smoothie idea turned into a full meal in a bowl:
food march 23 096
This was probably my greatest blender creation to date. I guess it needs a clever name…so… introducing the choco-nana smoothie bowl! I can’t give exact measurements because I was throwing stuff in the blender but here’s what it contained:1 scoop of unsweetened Banana Spirutein Powder
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tbs cocoa powder
handfull of frozen blueberries
1/4 banana
scoop of frozen spinach (can’t even taste it, I promise!)
1 cup unsweetenend vanilla almond milk
1 tsp Bob’s Red Mill xanath gum (a natural gluten-free thickener)
a dash of stevia to sweeten
4 ice cubesI blended on high and out came something more like a creamy yogurt than a smoothie. It was bowl-worthy so I went for it…and the coconut/agave drizzle:

food march 23 097
Totally satisfying and I felt completely refueled from my workout after this! Now off for more cleaning with the bff, we have a big event @ our house tomorrow night we have to prepare for.  Details to come!

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