Spicy Scramble & Sweet Fruit

It’s almost Thursday, woo-hoo!Allies wedding 9740

So much has been accomplished this week already that I feel like tomorrow should be Friday…and I think I’m gunna roll with it, mind over matter, right 😉

One of the check marks on my list is that I made my follow up appointment with the orthopedic. In a week I’ll know how well this little sfx is healing — praying (any extra prayers, appreciated!) that I get a good update! My foot is feeling pretty normal, maybe actually perfectly normal…I’m just being a crazy hypersensitive runner right now! Time will tell…

The best feeling is that I know I’ll be healed up completely in time to start training for the real deal, aka, The Chicago Marathon!! I’ve been talking to my running duo, Suzanne and Jamie and we trying to pick the best training program.

We are intrigued by this one because of it’s speed and interval training but since we’ve been enjoying being back in the gym strength training we definitely want to incorporate a couple of x-training days (which will also help prevent overuse injuries!) Any suggestions out there?

Because of how much has been going on lately I decided to pass on the gym today and instead head out for a long walk after work. Luckily I got done in just time to take a stroll and catch a really amazing ‘cotton candy California’ sunset!

sunset 3.29 2 sunset 3.29

Ahhh Zen…
Post walk I was starvin’ so I threw together some randomness residing in my fridge:

food march 23 079

I’ve really been diggin’ a tofu scramble lately…see:

food march 23 066 food march 23 068

They are so easy to make…substitute tofu in place of the eggs…scramble up with whatever ingredients your heart desires and you’ve got yourself a vegan scramble! Some of my fave ingredients are spinach, onions, broccoli…and must haves are salsa and hot sauce.  Hot sauce makes me happy 🙂
Fruit makes me happy too, especially not your ‘everyday’ fruit.  I’ve found some gems lately @ Trader Joe’s and our local produce market, Grower’s Direct:

food march 23 062

Pomelos are one of my new faves! They are like a grapefruit on steroids, just sweeter!

food march 23 074 food march 23 073

These things are little slices of heaven.  SO sweet and I hear they make amazing juice! My best friend (and roomie) just bought a juicer so we may just have to make it happen!


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