browbbagA lifegroup is simply a group of people who meet during the week to dive deeper into the weekend message. We just ‘do life’ together and it’s as real as it gets. As a lifegroup, we are meant to be ambassadors by serving together within our own communities.

Enter, BrownBagProject.

BrownBagProject was founded upon a very simple principle.  LOVE those in need.
We GO out to different places in our community (and beyond) that are in need and hand out brown bags full practical stuff (and treats!).  From toilet paper to homemade cookies, the bags are a simple way of giving to those who may be without.

Way more importantly than the bags we hand out, we want to show the awesome folks we meet LOVE.  A simple hello, a conversation, a hug…

We’ve seen God work in some awesome ways through this little project already.  Recently, while going door to door at a motor inn, I was able pray for a lady recovering from cancer and was completely humbled to see a woman who was in excruciating pain from kidney damage from chemotherapy so full of joy and hope in God.  I pray for her often.

Our mission is to take the BBP out into our community at least once a month.  As a lifegroup, we prayerfully consider where we take each project.  Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes we struggle with ideas, but the outcome is always the same – we are humbled by God’s Grace each time we set out in our community.

If you have any ideas of places/organizations you think would be blessed by the BBP, please let me know! Better yet, I will keep our future BBP dates posted on this blog so JOIN US!

Take a peek:

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“My soul finds rest in God alone; My salvation comes from Him.  He alone is my rock and salvation: He is my fortress.  I will never be forsaken.” -Psalm 62:1


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